Saturday, September 14, 2013

Shopping Centre WiFi - Benefits for landlords and customers

As shopping centres and retail parks roll out managed WiFi systems across their venues, many owners and their managing agents are asking what are the benefits of managed WiFi for shopping centres?

Britezone managed WiFi brings many benefits, both non-financial and financial, for shopping centres and retail parks.

1. Non-Financial Benefits of Shopping Centre managed WiFi

Aside from the competitive pressures from other nearby shopping venues that have already deployed managed WiFi, letting optimisation and enhanced customer experience are amongst the key drivers for shopping centre and retail park WiFi installations. 

·         Letting Optimisation 

o    Briteyellow's WiFi Analytics systems provide aggregated Customer Data and Movement Tracking giving landlords valuable Business Intelligence for asset and rental optimisation.
o    Fast free Internet Access has also been proven by research to provide a powerful mechanism for attracting customers and increasing dwell time at shopping centres.

·         Enhanced Customer Experience

o    Briteyellow's shopping centre branded Splash pages and Landing pages provide a unique mechanism for Customer Engagement and building Customer Loyalty.
o    Briteyellow's  Custom WiFi Apps also provide innovative Location Services and smartphone applications that further enhance shopping experience for leading shopping venues.

2. Financial Benefits of managed WiFi for Shopping Centres 

Financial benefits of managed WiFi for shopping centres and retail park landlords include additional income from advertising, and promotions.

·         Additional Revenues 

o   Advertising Fees from Britezone WiFi Splash Page and/or Landing Page
o   Special Offers and Promotions from shopping centre tenants and/or brands

      Briteyellow works with shopping centre management and retail park marketing teams to integrate WiFi as part of their multi-channel digital strategy.  

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