Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shopping WiFi Analytics takes the "Cookie"

Online shoppers will already be familiar with how websites use "cookies" to track their online shopping behaviour in order to serve more personalised offerings.

Now brics-and-mortar shopping venues and retail stores in the real world are able to use WiFi Analytics and WiFi tracking systems to achieve similar ends.

Shopping venues and retail stores want to understand real customer journey's at their venue in order to improve customer service levels and visitor experience.

Briteyellow's WiFi Analytics systems allows shopping centres and store operators to analyse their WiFi data for valuable intelligence on such things as "dwell time" at a given location.

It also gives them better insight of which parts of their shopping malls or stores are attracting more footfall, at given times.

Some operators will want to to map customer journeys across their entire shopping malls or within indivdual stores.

The customer's smartphone does not need to be connected to Britezone WiFi signal.

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