Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Five Ways to Fire Up Customer Communications, using Free Wi-Fi.

1.       Expand your communication channels
Wi-Fi allows you to expand your communication channels to your customer’s smartphone, interactive touch screens, and new TVs. As the number of Wi-Fi connected devices continue to explode your customers can freely connect with your messages everywhere in and around your venue.

2.       Make information more accessible
Making your web information and messages available through Wi-Fi makes it more accessible to your customers. With Wi-Fi on your customers smartphone they can find your information more easily. They could for instance navigate their way around your venue, find more details about available products, receive special  offers automatically, or use Near Field Communications
 to download information and make mobile payments.

3.       Sell targeted content and advertising
With Wi-Fi everywhere you can communicate more accurately with every customer. Not only could you provide relevant information on the home page as they connect, you can display different content to different types of users in real time while they are online. Your content could be any information type including events, offers, advertising, service info or emergency notices.

4.       Engage with New Smartphone Apps
Apps give personality to your venue. Making it easy for customers to engage with your apps over Wi-Fi allows them to interact much faster than through the mobile broadband. Create rich interactive apps and content for social media like Facebook and You Tube and provide free Wi-Fi to attract them.

5.       Lower communication costs
Managed Wi-Fi offers separate channels for private and public communications. Whilst customers use your public Wi-Fi you can use a secure private channel to communicate with your tenants and staff. Maybe you could make use of free telephone calls over secured private Wi-Fi phones for your mobile staff?

Could a managed Wi-Fi service help you stand out from the crowd and promote your shopping centre better? Briteyellow are working with shopping centres and department stores around the UK to extend their customer communications strategy with Britezone Managed Wi-Fi services. 

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