Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BBC Watchdog Report Highlights Public Wi-Fi Security Vulnerability

BBC's consumer advice show Watchdog reported last week on users vulnerability to malicious attack in public Wi-Fi hotspots. According to Tech Digest the Watchdog programme investigated Wi-Fi networks managed by BT Openzone, The Cloud and T-Mobile and "used equipment readily available on the internet to hijack wireless traffic at a variety of hotspots, while experts working with the programme-makers could have been able to take control of other hotspot users' internet accounts. Once inside these accounts, malicious hackers would have then been able to harvest masses of personal data which could enable them to access the users' accounts on a variety of websites, including those for shopping and banking."

Commenting, Fredi Nonyelu, Chief Executive of Briteyellow Ltd said: “Briteyellow takes the security of users of its Britezone Wi-Fi networks seriously. We implement all current industry standards and protocols. Because criminals will always seek to exploit any vulnerabilities we recommend the use virtual private network (VPN) for secure communications."

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