Friday, November 02, 2007

Thehub:mk residents connect to Britezone WiFi Broadband

Central Milton Keynes residents at thehub:mk can now connect to Britezone WiFi Broadband from the comfort of their apartment.

BRITEYELLOW started providing residential WiFi broadband services in central Milton Keynes this week. Residents at thehub:mk are the first in Milton Keynes to be able to connect to the city’s Britezone WiFi network from home.

Subscribers can connect using specially designed routers that are linked to the Britezone WiFi network already available in the centre of Milton Keynes.

Subscribers who want to access Britezone can install Britezone WiFi router inside their property. This provides a WiFi signal that is shared with other subscribers in neighbouring apartments. The signal connects back to the outdoor Britezone network, extending coverage for subscribers across the city. No existing BT line is required.

BRITEYELLOW’s strategy is to provide a network of free access high speed WiFi zones across central Milton Keynes. Subscribers pay for a faster connection. Milton Keynes train station square became the latest part of the city to become connected to Britezone last week. Sponsors include John Lewis Department Store, Milton Keynes Partnership, Ramada Encore Hotel, and Kimbells LLP.

For more information about how to connect to Britezone WiFi broadband at thehub:mk email



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