Saturday, October 20, 2007

Briteyellow pioneers largest free Wi-Fi zone in Milton Keynes


You may already know that Briteyellow is pioneering the largest free access Wi-Fi wireless broadband zone in Milton Keynes

As well as English Partnerships and thecentre:mk we have teamed up with leading companies in the city including John Lewis partnerships, Kimbells LLP, and Ramada Encore to create a unique commercial model for rolling Britezone wireless broadband across Milton Keynes. Briteyellow now have a thriving Britezone community with thousands of broadband subscribers using the network monthly.

We welcome the fact the other service providers have chosen to pilot WiMAX services in Milton Keynes. It means Milton Keynes is becoming recognised as an international centre for techology innovation. In future visitors and residents in Milton Keynes will have more choice about how to access wireless broadband out of home.

Our idea is to give people that choice. We believe that people should have the option of free access for basic Wi-Fi wireless broadband or to pay for faster connection. That is what Britezone is providing in Milton Keyens today.

And thanks to our commercial sponsors John Lewis Department Store, Ramada Encore Hotel, and Kimbells LLP, we can continue to expand coverage across the city. For more information about Britezone coverage click

Happy surfing!