Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Briteyellow Managed WiFi for West Lothian Council  goes Live.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Avoid Losing Personal Data to Hackers in Public WiFi Hotspots

Europol Warning

Europol has warned users against addressing sensitive information whilst using public WiFi hotspots.

Europe's top police officer Troels Oerting said people should only send sensitive data across networks they trusted, such as their own home.

The warning is aimed at avoiding the increase in stolen data from people who use insecure Public WiFi hotspots.

Users are advised not communicate information with banks, shops and social media whilst using an unsecured Public WiFi hostpot.

Open WiFi

There is some difference between connecting to free public WiFi hotspots that is "open" meaning there is no user authentication or security, and one that is professionally "managed".

Users connecting to an open WiFi signal are much more highly exposed to risk of data loss.

This is because all communications from the user to the network will be visible and therefore open to exploitation attack.

Managed WiFi

A managed WiFi user will benefit from user authentication and the highest available levels of data encryption whilst their information is transported across the network.

Filters will also be in place to block a full range of illegitimate activity.

The user risk is to be sure you are connecting to the genuine signal from the service provider and not a rogue signal broadcast by a criminal.

Rogue Signals

A "rogue" WiFi signal may be used by a criminal broadcasting the same name as a genuine provider, making it difficult to stop an unwary user from connecting to it.

However if you are connecting to a managed WiFi it will also normally take you to a first page belonging to the service provider.

Check that the url of the page belongs to the trusted provider you expect as this redirection is part of the user authentication process.

If there is no redirection to a trusted page for password or web authentication you may be connecting to an unsecured "open" WiFi.

Virtual Private Network

It is good practice not to communicate sensitive information in any public WiFi hotspot for security.

And if you must share in a public hotspot Briteyellow recommends using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which encrypts the data.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Shopping Centre WiFi - Benefits for landlords and customers

As shopping centres and retail parks roll out managed WiFi systems across their venues, many owners and their managing agents are asking what are the benefits of managed WiFi for shopping centres?

Britezone managed WiFi brings many benefits, both non-financial and financial, for shopping centres and retail parks.

1. Non-Financial Benefits of Shopping Centre managed WiFi

Aside from the competitive pressures from other nearby shopping venues that have already deployed managed WiFi, letting optimisation and enhanced customer experience are amongst the key drivers for shopping centre and retail park WiFi installations. 

·         Letting Optimisation 

o    Briteyellow's WiFi Analytics systems provide aggregated Customer Data and Movement Tracking giving landlords valuable Business Intelligence for asset and rental optimisation.
o    Fast free Internet Access has also been proven by research to provide a powerful mechanism for attracting customers and increasing dwell time at shopping centres.

·         Enhanced Customer Experience

o    Briteyellow's shopping centre branded Splash pages and Landing pages provide a unique mechanism for Customer Engagement and building Customer Loyalty.
o    Briteyellow's  Custom WiFi Apps also provide innovative Location Services and smartphone applications that further enhance shopping experience for leading shopping venues.

2. Financial Benefits of managed WiFi for Shopping Centres 

Financial benefits of managed WiFi for shopping centres and retail park landlords include additional income from advertising, and promotions.

·         Additional Revenues 

o   Advertising Fees from Britezone WiFi Splash Page and/or Landing Page
o   Special Offers and Promotions from shopping centre tenants and/or brands

      Briteyellow works with shopping centre management and retail park marketing teams to integrate WiFi as part of their multi-channel digital strategy.  

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shopping WiFi Analytics takes the "Cookie"

Online shoppers will already be familiar with how websites use "cookies" to track their online shopping behaviour in order to serve more personalised offerings.

Now brics-and-mortar shopping venues and retail stores in the real world are able to use WiFi Analytics and WiFi tracking systems to achieve similar ends.

Shopping venues and retail stores want to understand real customer journey's at their venue in order to improve customer service levels and visitor experience.

Briteyellow's WiFi Analytics systems allows shopping centres and store operators to analyse their WiFi data for valuable intelligence on such things as "dwell time" at a given location.

It also gives them better insight of which parts of their shopping malls or stores are attracting more footfall, at given times.

Some operators will want to to map customer journeys across their entire shopping malls or within indivdual stores.

The customer's smartphone does not need to be connected to Britezone WiFi signal.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Briteyellow announces the launch of a new managed Wi-Fi service at Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre, London.

The Britezone system powers the new Ealing Shopping Centre WiFi service providing connectivity and advertising services across the shopping mall area and High Street.

The service which went live during September 2012 also supports seamless roaming for customers of other mobile and Wi-Fi operators that interconnect with Briteyellow.

Fredi Nonyelu, Managing Director of Briteyellow said, “Britezone is designed to meet the needs of shopping centre landlords, and mobile operators. We are delighted that it is now powering Wi-Fi connectivity at one of London’s major shopping venues”.

Briteyellow operates Britezone managed WiFi services at major shopping and retail parks including locations in Milton Keynes, Poole, Watford, St Albans and London.

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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Milton Keynes Council Allocated £140k in BDUK Funding

Milton Keynes has been allocated £140k in Broadband Delivery UK funding, announced Fredi Nonyelu CEO of Briteyellow and Chair of Biztech Technology Forum at the Milton Keynes Next Gen conference.

The event on the 30th of May 2012 brought together key industry leaders and exhibitors from across the UK for a conference held at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel, Milton Keynes.

Speaking at the event Fredi Nonyelu presented the results of the Milton Keynes Broadband Survey and outlined key next steps towards achieving 100% superfast broadband across the city.

The UK government allocation was only £140k, however Milton Keynes council would be contributing £2.4m towards realising Milton Keynes' digital infrastructure plans.

Dr Ann Limb OBE DL Chair of SEMLEP gave the welcome to the event and afterwards spoke to NextGen TV about accelerating the digital infrastructure across the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

NextGen Roadshow - 30th May 2012

Fredi Nonyelu is speaking at the NextGen Roadshow which is set to take place in Milton Keynes on 30th May 2012. 
NextGen is the UK's platform for digital access networks development. Their series of nationwide roadshows bring together suppliers, SMEs, investors, expert advisors and community stakeholders to explore and understand the opportunities to transform local broadband access networks and make them work in your community.
 At this special 1-day event you will find out about:
    Broadband technology options - fibre, mobile, wireless, satellite
Superfast - what does it mean?
Next Generation Broadband - vision and plans for York and north Yorkshire
Next Generation Broadband for rural areas
Transformational tools for SMEs - social networking for business, e commerce and teleconferencing
Cloud computing – the benefits for business
Stimulating demand for Next Generation Broadband and finance options
New applications and services - smart communities and advances in public sector services
Next Generation networks in action - case studies and local developments
This is one event you can’t afford to miss and if you’re an SME in the SEMLEP are, you come in FREE
For more information, including details on how to register and/or exhibit, please click here

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